Who's Who

Headteacher     Mr Jonathan Whitfield

Deputy Headteacher    Mrs Emma Stoddart


Little Brown Bears 

Mrs Whitehead, Miss Spensley, Mrs Azimi, Mrs Noone and Miss Rowley.


Nursery - Elephants

Miss Ivy with Miss Spensley, Miss Taylor, Mrs Geary, Mrs Southcombe and Mrs Harrison.


Reception Classes

Polar Bears Miss Griffiths with Miss Thomson, Miss Anderson and Mrs Southcombe

Koala Bears Miss Wyatt with Mrs Smith and Miss O'Grady


Year 1 Classes

Sea Otters  Mrs Fallon with Mrs Milner and Mrs Paulls

Blue Whales Mrs Whiteley and Mrs Easdown with Mrs Quinn

Sea Turtles Miss Davies with Mrs Moran and Mrs McCabe


Year 2 Classes

Leopards  Mr Gillies with Mrs Fitchett

Lions Mrs Wyer and Miss Taylor with Mrs Sweeney

Tigers Mr Whalley with Mrs Taylor


Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs Scott

Learning Mentor

Mrs Barker

Speech and Language Support

Mrs Esther Willetts S+L therapist (1 day per week)


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Hamdam, Miss Aziza, Miss Thomson, Miss Taylor, Miss Spensley, Mrs Barker, Mrs Whitehead, Mrs Azimi, Mrs Noone, Mrs Harrison, Mr S, Miss O'Grady,  Mrs Paulls, Mrs Fitchett, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Geary, Mrs Milner, Mrs Moran, Mrs McCabe, Mrs Southcombe, Mrs Smith, Mrs Hadfield and Mrs Cummins.


Office staff

Miss Agnew and Mrs Kyne


Site Manager

Mr Walsh (Mr Norman!)


Together Everyone Achieves More

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