At Nevill Road Infant School, we value all learning aiming for it to be a creative and enjoyable part of our broad and balanced school curriculum. We believe that learning should be fully inclusive to every child, offering opportunities for challenge, support and recognition. Our aim is to motivate and guide the children to explore the curriculum as well as develop and follow their own interests. The children will be provided with many opportunities to discover, play, self-direct and succeed.



At Nevill Road Infant School, we aim to do M-O-R-E:


MOTIVATE by exposing our children to a wide range of curriculum areas, building in them an enthusiasm to learn

OPEN MINDS by teaching within the context of our vibrant, bold topics throughout the school, our children will be immersed in a progressive and stimulating curriculum. This will be centred on the knowledge and skills embedded within the National Curriculum

REACH further by introducing our children to a wealth of learning where they will have lots of opportunities to be challenged, supported and develop their own skills

EQUIP our children with the knowledge, skills and resources to allow them to challenge themselves to succeed and further educate themselves



Our children will reach the end of their journey at Nevill Road Infant School with a firmly-established love of learning. They will have amassed an impressive collection of cross-curricular, creative outcomes and an awareness and knowledge gained from a variety of experiences. They will be confident in evaluating and improving their learning and unafraid of trying out new and bold ideas. Our school displays and children’s work books will reflect these creative outcomes and also, the children’s sense of pride in their learning across the school. 


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