At Nevill Road Infant School (NRIS) we use Tapestry as an online learning platform for our Early Years team, children, and their families to share snapshots of the learning that has taken place in the classroom, or at home.  Parents and carers can access this by downloading the Tapestry app.  Activation emails will be sent to parents and carers which will enable them to have access to the information that is posted on Tapestry about their child, or whole class information that is posted to your child’s profile, for example, a group photograph (anonymised where necessary).

Frequently Asked Questions
• What can families see?
Families can view the work posted in their own child's journal, or work that is shared as a whole class.  Photographs will be anonymised where needed.

• How many family members can connect to a child?
2 family members can connect to each student.

• Can I see all of my children on the same account?
As long as all children attend the same school, yes you can.  If children attend different schools, you will need to have multiple accounts.

For more information about Tapestry, please follow the Tapestry for Parents link below:


You can also access Tapestry's YouTube channel here:


Please find the NRIS Tapestry Policy here. 

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