My Happy Mind

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At Nevill Road Infant School we strive daily to ensure our children are nurtured, full of enjoyment and resilient amongst other things. We believe that having our whole school community feeling good about themselves, feeling supported and ‘held’ and able to understand themselves and empathise with others is crucial.

Embarking on My Happy Mind has enabled our community to engage with themselves, their brain and the many different ways in which understanding and sometimes changing our behaviours and actions can lead to a very different outcome.

From age two, our children begin to understand how their bodies and their brains work and as they progress through Nevill Road they deepen their knowledge and understanding.  Our children confidently talk about the different parts of their brain, the jobs they fulfil and the ways in which this ‘shows on the outside’.  They have embraced happy breathing and mindfulness techniques to secure their own sense of calm, wellbeing, gratitude and an all-consuming sense of content.

The weekly, follow-up and self-initiated activities mean children, families and staff can engage in different ways with different themes strengthening their understanding. 

Of course, we have taken things further and used My Happy Mind in different ways such as part of our commitment to self- and co-regulation and even our Happiness Heroes. 

Above all, in the maelstrom of life it has been a ‘happy’ diversion towards a smoother life more full with calm, understanding, empathy, enjoyment and happiness.


Mr Whitfield 


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