Comments, Concerns and Complaints – Important Information

If you have a comment, concern or complaint ...

We would like you to tell us about it. We welcome suggestions for improving our work in the school. Be assured that no matter what you want to tell us, our support and respect for you and your child in the school will not be affected in any way. Please tell us your concern as soon as possible. It is difficult for us to investigate properly an incident that happened some time ago.


What to do first

Most concerns and complaints can be sorted out quickly by speaking to your child’s class teacher.

All staff will make every effort to resolve your problem informally. They will make sure that they understand what you feel went wrong, and they will explain their own actions to you. They will ask what you would like to do to put things right. Of course, this does not mean that in every case they will come round to your point of view but it will help both you and the school to understand both sides to the question. It may also help to prevent a similar problem arising again.

Please refer to the school complaint policy which is available for download here.

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