At Nevill Road Infant School we are driven by the desire to provide the best possible education, opportunities and environment for all who are part of our school.

As an infant school we are passionate about children’s early development and devote our time to embedding a desire for lifelong learning.

We ensure that all children are given equal opportunities and equal access to every aspect of the curriculum, including all activities at school.

Our school is an inclusive and nurturing environment where all aim high, achieve well and develop self-confidence.

Resilience and a love of learning, including positive values and beliefs, cooperation and team work, a sense of community and caring attitudes towards others underpin all our work in school.

We provide an exciting, challenging and inspirational setting where children become independent, creative thinkers who are reflective and always striving to extend their learning.

We aim to be at the forefront of educational best practice and our children will benefit from our desire to give them access to the latest technological and educational developments.


Nurture: We want all of the children to be cared for, to be supported and guided on their journey through school.  All of the adults here understand that we need to nurture talents, abilities and the sense of self so that the children can succeed and reach their potential.

Enjoyment: Learning should be fun.  We want all of our children to enjoy their learning, get excited by new skills, motivated by new knowledge and to have a memorable experience.

Voice: Having a say is so important.  We want all of our children, parents and staff to have their say in how we all work together.  Nevill Road Infant School is a family and we have an important partnership to develop so that we can all be as successful as possible.

Inclusion: Being part of our Nevill Road Infant School family means you have a membership for life.  Regardless of any difference, everyone is welcome here. We will all work hard to break down any barriers, ensure everyone feels included and enjoys a sense of equality.

Love of Learning: We want our children and our teachers to love learning.  Through facilitating memorable and exciting learning we always aim to provide ‘more’ for the children so they are motivated to succeed and empowered to further educate themselves.


Resilience: Never giving up is a key skill in being successful; we try new things, new ways of learning and develop a feeling of bravery when faced with challenges.  The mistakes we make and what we learn from them help us to be stronger.

Discovery: Learning at Nevill Road Infant School is all about discovery.  Finding out new knowledge, investigating problems and puzzles, inquiring and using our skills is central to our curriculum, the way we teach and the way we learn.

Together Everyone Achieves More

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